About JK


I am a designer. One day a poster just reached out and took hold of my heart and started pumping blood into my lifeless, directionless, even passionless body. I am passionate about what I do, eye roll if you must. But it's the obsessed type of passion, the type where you forget to eat, can't sleep, and spend your money on ... not rent ... The type that made you bite your lip the first time you saw Paul Rands IBM logo for reasons that can't be explained. The type that makes you hold your breath at Milton Glaser's Dylan poster, even though you never really liked Bob Dylan. And the type that makes you smile whenever you see a FedEx truck and think "oh Walter"... It's the type of passion where if I wasn't a designer I wouldn't be anything.

“Passion is the source of our finest moments.” Joss Whedon.


Arizona State University College of Design
Major: Visual Communication Design
Graduation, Spring 2008

Self-proclaimed ACE in the following: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, Digital Publishing Suite, and the Microsoft office suite.


April 2013 to Present
Graphic Design, Principle - Arizona State University
At ASU’s Enterprise Marketing HUB I work to create a cohesive university-wide brand by aligning goals between colleges and upholding Arizona State Universities graphic standards. During my time with the ASU’s Enterprise Marketing HUB I was the managing editor of ASU Thrive, the Universities digital magazine. That role included managing a team of 8-10 people, content selection and editing, providing direction to copy editors, directing photo and video shots, as well being responsible for the development and design of the entire magazine.

As part of the marketing team for Sun Devil Athletics I manage and contribute to university-wide marketing campaigns for the entire Athletic department as well as donor, alumni, and student affiliates. My responsibilities include managing 2-4 other designers to ensure brand guidelines are followed, brainstorming concepts, copy writing, directing photo shoots, and designing a wide range of print and web-based collateral.

August 2005 to Present
Freelance Graphic Designer
As a freelance designer I have worked with a variety of clients such as the Shun the Sun foundation, Whipple Scrumptious, thecutestblogontheblock.com, Ericksen & Associates and Jab Fitness. I was able to contribute to their success by providing such things as logo and brand development, website design, custom flash animations, as well as a extensive range of web and print collateral.

March 2012 to April 2013
Graphic Design Lead, Flash Designer and Developer - StrongMind
My main roll at StrongMind was managing our design team during the creation of the StrongMind brand. I also played a large roll in the rebranding of FlipSwitch. Responsibilities for those tasks include the creation, implementation and enforcement of the brand standards, logo development, website design, as well as the design of print and web collateral.

StrongMind also services Primavera Online High School. I managed their marketing campaigns which included concepting, directing photo shoots, photo selection and editing, designing print and web base collateral and working with all the members of their marketing and street team. Other main responsibilities for Primavera include the management of the design team focused on curriculum, specifically the development of interactive learning solutions.

July 2008 to March 2012
Graphic Designer and Flash Developer - Quadmark
As part of a Global design team I was responsible for managing the North America brand with other designers and developers. Primarily focused on designing and developing interactive online learning modules for IT industries using Adobe Flash. I also have experience with video directing and editing. Designing and editing of projects in the entire Creative Suite and Microsoft office suite. Layout design for a range of iOS products.

December 2007 to June 2008
Web Designer - Skyhook Internet Marketing
Working closely with web developers to deliver easily navigated web sites to a variety of different clients. Tasks included look and feel of web sites, flash design and developemnt.

November 2006 to May 2007
Graphic Designer - Visual Voices
A tri-annual publication for the College of Design at Arizona State University. Responsibilities included exhibit design, layout design, and selection of articles.

August 2005 to September 2006
Graphic Designer - Student Recreation Complex
I contributed to the Sun Devil Student Recreation Complex (SRC) in many capacities. I was a member of the design team focusing on recreating the image of the SRC at Arizona State University. I was elected the Secretary of the Sun Devil Student Recreation Club and a member of the ASU Board of Governors, in those rolls I was responsible for managing other students, organizing events, and overseeing the SRC in many ways. I also won a Sun Devil Star Award 2006 for my contributions during this time.